About Me


Welcome! You may have seen me online somewhere and clicked on a link in a bio. This is my personal website. There are thoughts, notes, and more here. I try to make the most engaging and informative content I can as a random person on the Internet.

About Me

I’m Pyrox, you may have also seen me around the internet as The Hedgehog or thehedgeh0g. I’m a student, nerd, geek, and I enjoy tinkering with technology.

Quick Facts:

  • I’m Non-binary
  • I use They/Them, Xe/Xir, or Xey/Xem pronouns.
  • I’m currently in High School.
  • I want to be a system administrator when I graduate from college.

More information about my pronouns and other such things is at my pronouns.page

Post Types

This blog has a few types of posts, based on the types found on this page:

  • Articles, which are blog posts.
  • Notes, which are microblog posts ala Twitter posts.
  • Replies, which are replies to posts from others.
  • Recipes, which are cooking instructions.

There are others, but those are the main types. Each post is tagged with the type of post that it is, and each will have a section on this site.